if you bake it, they will come

dudegotmyheart asked: Hey could you post some nutella cake recipes, thanks!:)


100% happening! :)

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heroout asked: hey, could you maybe check out my food blog, the url is foocls! i have literally 7 followers and i love your blog! thank you!:D


followed! and now i just want pizza… lol

if you guys like pictures of yummy food (um, who doesnt) follow this girl!

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the progress project →

hi bakeddd followers! im interrupting your regularly scheduled programming to promote the blog i started with rebecca (makebakecookcreate). its a weight loss blog focused on our struggles and triumphs while we try to tame our sweet teeth to reach our goals! follow if youd like :) we want to build a support group of people who love to bake and eat while focusing on health!

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